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2022 SA Council Election

For the first time, Animal Justice Party SA is standing candidates in the council election.


Council Elections are one of the most direct ways we can make a difference to the lives of animals in the local community, influencing local decisions and issues that affect the quality of life of both animals and people. 

Council elections are much smaller than federal or state elections which means they can be decided by just a handful of votes. Typically, winning candidates receive between a couple of hundred or a couple of thousand votes. This means we have a real chance of winning. 

Improving the lives of animals at a local level can include:

  • Protecting wildlife
  • Companion animals
  • Banning the use of poisons such as 1080
  • Proposing initiatives to encourage plant-based eating in your local area
  • Ensuring action on climate change

We are standing 3 candidates in the 2022 Council Election.

Click on their profile below to learn more about them, and their plans to shape and protect the local community.