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Help us end the abuse

Sign the petition and help us pressure the Premier of South Australia Peter Malinauskas, MP to end greyhound racing.

The greyhound racing statistics are harrowing. Last year, South Australia saw 28 greyhounds killed on the racetrack, and a staggering 901 on-track injuries.

These figures represent only a fragment of the devastation. Numerous young dogs, victims of overbreeding or simply deemed unfit for racing, face uncertain fates. Behind these statistics are countless stories of pain, suffering, and untimely ends.

Recently, disturbing footage came to light via the ABC showing the unconscionable abuse of greyhounds, including puppies, on a property south-east of Adelaide. 

The horrific footage shows greyhounds being kicked and punched by individuals who clearly lack the basic empathy expected of any human being. 

In response, Premier Malinauskas announced an inquiry - and it seemed like we had finally seen a positive step toward recognising the systemic cruelty in this industry, and one which would hopefully result in the end of greyhound racing in SA for good. 

What began as a sign of hope and celebration, soon turned to disappointment and disgust. 

A Completely Biased Inquiry

The purpose of the inquiry is to obtain an independent, system-level assessment of the:

  • current operations, culture, governance and practices of the South Australian greyhound racing industry,
  • nature and efficacy of the current model of regulation, and
  • relationship, if any, between that model and the operation, culture, governance and practices of the industry.

The scope of the inquiry includes consideration of whether the current regulatory framework inhibits the ability to prevent, investigate or respond to serious allegations of animal mistreatment and whether the culture of the greyhound racing industry promotes integrity and regulatory compliance with regard to animal welfare.

However, the government has selected Mr Ashton, an individual with direct familial connections to the greyhound racing industry, to head the so-called "independent" inquiry. How can we hope for a fair inquiry when the person leading it is celebrated within the very industry that is under scrutiny? 

We need to do everything we can to show overwhelming evidence of the industry's systematic abuse and disregard for greyhounds, and demonstrate the overwhelming public support to ban greyhound racing.


The Incompatibility of Racing and Welfare

You don't need to be an expert to understand the inherent dangers greyhounds face in racing. Forced to achieve speeds of up to 70kmph, these naturally docile creatures navigate sharp turns, putting insurmountable stress on their bodies. Our current animal welfare legislation intentionally and tragically excludes greyhounds, a clear indication that prioritising their wellbeing and racing them are mutually exclusive endeavours.


Help us continue our fight for Greys and shut down the Greyhound Industry

It is the dedication of animal protection groups and whistleblowers which repeatedly exposed the greyhound industry for live baiting, illegal exports and extreme cruelty. 

​From this dedication we know there’s no denying that racing dogs die distressed, confused, panicked and in pain. It’s a brutal industry where the losers are the dogs - and they pay with their lives.

We also know that after years of empty promises from the racing industry to improve welfare and reduce suffering, the only solution is to permanently shut it down.  ​

Every action, no matter how big or small, makes a difference in holding them accountable.


What you can do

1) Sign our petition to shut down the Greyhound Industry 

2) Make a submission

Any member of the public or organisation may make a written or oral submission providing information or making recommendations relating to any or all of the inquiry terms of reference.

How to make a submission

The inquiry is accepting written submission via email to [email protected] or oral submission by telephone +61 8 8177 3305.

When writing your submission it's important to address the Terms of Reference

Submissions close Friday 29 September.

More information here

Couldn't attend our submission training webinar? Download our presentation

You can also use our submission for further information and ideas - Download AJP SA Greyhound Racing Inquiry Submission


3) Email, call or write to Premier Malinauskas

Incorporate the information above but also incorporate your own experiences and views.

(08) 8429 3232
[email protected]

Postal address
GPO Box 2343
Adelaide  SA  5001

4) Join us at our upcoming events and vigils 

Vigil for Greyhounds in Rundle Mall 6pm Friday 29 September. More information here.

Outreach at the Beach for Greyhounds - 11am Saturday 7 October Semaphore Beach. More information here.

5) Letterbox drop

Distribute flyers around your local area. To collect flyers email us at [email protected]

6) Spread the word

Amplify our message that this inquiry is unacceptable and greyhounds deserve better. Encourage others to make a submission and sign the petition.

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