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Success! AJP recommendations adopted in Greyhound Racing Industry Inquiry Report

The greyhound racing statistics are harrowing. Last year, South Australia saw 28 greyhounds killed on the racetrack, and a staggering 901 on-track injuries.

These figures represent only a fragment of the devastation. Numerous young dogs, victims of overbreeding or simply deemed unfit for racing, face uncertain fates. Behind these statistics are countless stories of pain, suffering, and untimely ends.

Recently, disturbing footage came to light via the ABC showing the unconscionable abuse of greyhounds, including puppies, on a property south-east of Adelaide. 

The horrific footage shows greyhounds being kicked and punched by individuals who clearly lack the basic empathy expected of any human being. 

In response, Premier Malinauskas announced an inquiry - and on 14 December 2023 the Premier handed down their findings. 

The findings have exposed the rife failings and shortcomings of the industry.

The government has given the greyhound racing industry two years to improve its standards, or the industry will be shut down.

The AJP’s recommendations, fully adopted in the Report include:

  • Prioritising the welfare of humans and animals over the revenue generated by the  greyhound racing industry.
  • Prosecuting all breaches of the Animal Welfare Act 1985 (SA)
  • A cap on breeding of greyhounds.
  • Whole-of-life tracking to monitor the welfare of greyhounds
  • Amending Freedom of Information legislation to  ensure no exemptions are applicable to the racing industry.

An enormous thank you to all our Members, supporters and volunteers for everything you’ve done to raise awareness of the horrors of the greyhound industry. 

Read the report.


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