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Animal Justice Party SA
PO Box 2001, Prospect SA 5082

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  • Emily Blackwell
    followed this page 2022-04-10 14:30:46 +0930
  • Julienne Tan
    commented 2022-04-05 09:48:46 +0930
    I bought 1 AJP Hoodie, but I’ve received 2 Hoodies. Where do I return extra Hoodie to?
  • Paul Lawrence
    commented 2022-04-04 13:37:35 +0930
    Would it be possible to have a brief (5 minute) chat regarding your policies? Thanks.
  • Leslie Jackowski
    commented 2022-03-23 08:00:00 +1030
    Congratulations on your result in the recent SA election, a very respectable result. Let’s hope for further success in the future.

    Best regards


    (Dr Leslie Jackowski)
  • Kathy Jones
    commented 2022-03-19 13:17:56 +1030
    I was a member of AJP when I lived in NSW and now we have moved to SA I would like to know more about what is happening in SA regarding animal welfare policies and fundraising. Thank you.
  • Anne Pratt
    commented 2022-03-17 10:22:53 +1030
    I’m a bit confused about phasing out breeding if companion animals?

    What does that mean to owning a dog now ? Also in the future would u have to go to a registered breeder or an animal shelter to purchase a dog ?
  • Jasmin Fernandes
    commented 2022-03-17 09:02:04 +1030
    What is your policy on coercion of cov vaccination, mask wearing qr codes?
  • Gabriel Owen
    commented 2022-03-16 20:00:42 +1030
    Which Party / Independant has Deanna CARBONE (Adelaide) preferenced in the comming election?

    Many thanks.
  • Mary O'Brien
    commented 2022-03-16 18:56:41 +1030
    Hello, I don’t think you have a candidate in my electorate of Gibson so could you please advise how I can vote that would best help your party if possible.

    Thank you
  • Kirrilie Rowe
    commented 2022-03-16 11:50:15 +1030
    Hi there,

    I understand your platform is animal justice, but I am wondering what your beliefs are on mandatory vaccinations, lockdowns, QR codes and mask wearing.

    Thank you
  • Stuart Lindsay
    commented 2022-03-13 15:18:38 +1030
    I am keen to hand out how to vote cards for you . I live in the Adelaide electorate but will do so in any electorate.
  • Natasha Mallen
    commented 2022-03-13 07:24:32 +1030

    I am handing out how to vote cards this election. Just wondering where I can buy an AJP t shirt from. Kind regards
  • Marie Rosy
    commented 2022-03-12 21:32:19 +1030
    I would like to know your stance on continuing vaccine mandates especially where businesses are forcing employees to have covid vaccinations or be terminated eg Woolworths and Coles. This is not social justice, fair or even right. This is discrimination and loss of freedom for individual rights. Covid is no longer a reason to retract rights to choose what experimental drugs are injected into our bodies especially when these substances are harmful to many ie increase in chest pains and cardiac conditions, reproductive issues in young women etc. These conditions may be far worse than the virus itself. I would like to see stronger representation for those who choose not to be inoculated with covid vaccines and boosters. Why are we spending our hard earned dollars on overseas pharmaceutical companies to provide an experimental substance that does not work against Covid, when we have vaccine manufacturers in South Australia that are being blacklisted and have vaccines already used overseas?

    Look forward to hearing your response,

    Thank you

  • Zeek Everest
    commented 2022-03-12 09:05:34 +1030

    I am interested in your party and policies. I have been reading through some of it, and have a question related to your attitude to first nation rangers and conservation land management (and reclimation). Do you have any official policy regarding first nation land management practices?

  • Richard Stafford
    commented 2022-03-11 20:50:04 +1030
    Please tell me where you stand on horse racing
  • Vicki Gore
    commented 2022-03-11 12:48:51 +1030
    What is your stance on mandatory vaccination and where do your preferences go.
  • Deborah Pastro
    commented 2022-03-10 10:53:03 +1030
    Hi there

    My name is Deborah Pastro.

    I volunteered at a prepolling station on Monday.

    I found the experience interesting and enjoyable.

    I was very impressed by your volunteer training.

    I just wanted to bring to your attention that there was an error in the downloadable form in the part one section I noticed on Monday. I went in to vote and noticed that on the Upper House big white voting card, the AJP is in column N, not P as stated on the suggested slogans we can say to people if they don’t take a How To Vote card.

    Also, the address to report any feedback at the base of it us a WA address. I found that out because I received an email from WA this morning after trying to send this info to you.

    I love the idea about telling voters to look at the colum so-and-so and was going to use it, because it puts the suggestion in people’s minds. Can this error be fixed in case other volunteers decide to use it and people might vote for the wrong party?

    Thanks for all you do for animals!

    Yours sincerely

  • David Wisby
    commented 2022-03-09 18:40:43 +1030
    Hi, just a quick one. WHO is your preference elect going to ?

    Cheers, Dave
  • Chris Jenkinson
    commented 2022-03-09 16:42:37 +1030
    SA Elections – Candidate Policy discovery.

    Hi Animal Justice Party – there are similarities re the protection of the vulnerable and we are interested if you have any reform ideas that will address SA Government Public Guardianship and Public Administration abuse: if so would you mind explaining these by the 12 March 2022. Also, should you wish to be contacted to discuss the changes needed from a new Government in SA please forward us your direct contact details to the above email address.

    Kind regards


    More about this topic is available on our website and linked Group Facebook.

    AASGAA is self funded and is not affiliated to any political party.
  • Alison Barker
    commented 2022-03-09 02:56:12 +1030
    Dear AJPSA,

    there is a spelling mistake.

    ‘Hot to vote in Croydon.’

    Wow, that would be a different kind of party!

    Best wishes,

    Alison Barker.
  • Deta Usher
    followed this page 2022-03-07 16:37:50 +1030
  • Barbara Muir
    commented 2022-03-06 20:06:22 +1030
    Where do your preferences lie?
  • Darren Schultz
    commented 2022-03-04 20:44:40 +1030
    Whoever reads this first can you please pass this on to Padma. The Greens and Labor have email contacts direct to their individual candidates. I’m a little disappointed that the Libs and AJP don’t have the same option.

    Hi Padma,

    I’m a local living in Lobethal with my wife and 3 young girls. I’m still deciding who to vote for in the state election

    I have a few questions relevant to the upcoming election.

    Do you support the continuation of the State of Emergency?

    Do you support the continuation of government directions to mandate Covid vaccinations for healthcare staff, teachers and firefighters?

    Do you support the ability for private businesses to mandate Covid vaccinations for their staff and customers?

    If you could get back to me with the answers to these questions that would be great.


  • Patti Lathlean
    commented 2022-03-04 18:55:30 +1030
    Hi, Before I cast my vote in the SA State Election on 19th March, I would like to know to which Major Party my vote will go to, if the AJP does not secure a seat in the Senate? I am in the electorate of Mawson. Please reply via my email address, thank you
  • Richard Greenwood
    commented 2022-03-04 15:42:19 +1030
    What is your position on vaccine mandates and restrictions based on vaccinations ?
  • Steven Busuttil
    commented 2022-03-04 06:12:19 +1030
    Hi guys just wondering where your preferences go? Sorry to ask but I believe this is one of the most important elections. I have lost so much faith in the major parties.
  • Bronwyn Robinson
    commented 2022-03-03 16:57:48 +1030
    Would you help stop further development of our reservoirs. As our native animal populations dont need more people in there environments. Why does the human population have to keep taking mode from native wildlife. I would like this to be part of election going forward. We have koalas, echidnas, bandicoots, shingleback lizards, turtles & kangaroos all effected at Myponga Reservoir. Stop further development now. I would like to know would you, support this stopping of more development. Also more people in our reservoirs brings there rubbish & risk of fires.
  • Ines Raimondo
    commented 2022-03-03 15:55:47 +1030
    Hi I joined this Thursday the 3rd March and the website kept saying an error had occured. So I tried several times and kept getting the error message.

    According to my bank details it seems I paid the membership fee of $33 three times totally $99. Can you please check your bank records and refund me $66.

    I had no trouble making the $100 donation on the same day, just when trying to pay the membership fee.

    regards Ines Raimondo
  • Shonica Guy
    commented 2022-03-02 19:25:42 +1030
    Im interested in your party’s position / policies on mandatory vaccination.

    Alot of people are interested in voting for people that are pro freedom of choice.

    Alot of people have lost their jobs because they chose to not get vaccinated, most people I know were coerced into getting vaccinated to keep their jobs to be able to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.

    What are your thoughts? Thanks
  • Zoey Butler
    commented 2022-03-01 07:49:10 +1030
    I need help shutting down boutique paws. Our pup started dying within a day of buying it and since then there’s been many more stories of the same germ killing these animals and infecting children. We’ve now spent over 5 k in vet bills in 1 week to keep him going. It’s not looking good