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Protect Kangaroos

We call on Deputy Premier and Environment Minister, Dr Susan Close, to call an inquiry into the Commercial Slaughter of Kangaroos in SA. 

Every night, kangaroos are hunted down under the cover of darkness, terrorised, maimed and slaughtered for the profit driven commercial kangaroo killing industry. Joeys are ripped from their dead mothers’ pouches and bludgeoned to death or left fending for themselves. Most will die hungry and alone, crying out for their dead mothers.

With the thirst for profit driving an unrelenting killing spree, the commercial kangaroo industry has made kangaroos the victims of the largest slaughter of land-based wildlife on the planet.

The Australian Government is happy to use a kangaroo as our ‘Brand Ambassador’ for global tourism. Yet they look the other way as our state governments set killing quotas and earn profits from this cruel exploitation.

The SA government approves of this barbaric trade, allowing more than 100,000 of kangaroos and wallabies to be murdered in our state every year. 

Kangaroos are some of the most persecuted animals in the country.

Farmers 'cull' them, they’re locked out of water and food sources by fences and urban developments, they’re hit on the roads, and – worst of all – they’re shot for leather and petfood by the commercial kangaroo industry.

Shooters kill mother kangaroos, even those with joeys in their pouches or by their sides. This is heartbreaking and the Government should be ashamed. They have sold our iconic native species out to the lowest bidder.

Sign the petition and help us pressure the Environment Minister to call for an inquiry. 

Protect Kangaroos

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