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End Duck Shooting

Our native waterbirds need sanctuary, not slaughter.

Yet duck shooters are still allowed to maim our native species simply for fun.

Already banned in NSW, WA & QLD, community opinion regards recreational duck shooting as barbaric.

Australia has already lost significant amounts of wildlife due to unprecedented habitat loss and environmental conditions including drought and most recently, bushfires.

Shooter numbers have declined considerably in recent decades in all states which still allows this 'sport.' This is due to duck rescue campaigns and continued public opposition.

The Animal Justice Party is opposed to shooting waterbirds for any purpose.

Duck shooting contravenes South Australian law with wounded ducks suffering painful deaths.

Under section 13 of Animal Welfare Act (1985) it is illegal to kill an animal by a method that does not cause death to occur as rapidly as possible.

Hunters have no duty to report injured birds, it is believed that a significant number are left to die slowly from their wounds every year.

Inquiry into duck shooting announced

In line with the State Government’s election commitment, on 9 March 2023 the Legislative Council formed a committee to inquire into the hunting of native birds.  

Although this is a positive step, it will not prevent the immense suffering that will occur when the 2023 duck shooting season commences on Saturday 18 March 2023.

We expect the committee to call for submissions soon.

We need to keep the pressure on, and ensure the outcome of the inquiry is for a complete and permanent ban on the shooting of all waterbirds.

Help us achieve this.

Sign the petition.